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I do believe in fairy tales.Yes, it sounds weird as in this world we’re living there isn’t such thing like Romeo and Juliet but maybe Samson and Delilah love story might happen. Mine as I expected went out a Samson and Delilah story.

“So many questions, I need an answer
Two years later you’re still on my mind”

I come to ask myself why are all the men I have loved would look for another girl (who is better than me maybe). I badly need the answer as based from my experiences, I have loved four men including the recent one and  none of them was mine.

“But there’s a danger in loving somebody too much,
and it’s sad when you know it’s your heart you can’t trust.
There’s a reason why people don’t stay where they are.
Baby, sometimes, love just aint enough.”

The song above is really true. Love isn’t just enough to make someone stay.We can’t ask or beg someone to stay with you for love isn’t asked but it must be expressed for the person whom you’ve loved. So, if he doesn’t want to stay, let him go.The pain may be so hard at first yet through His grace we will overcome the pain and later on we’ll move on.

“Try to say it’s over, say the word good bye
But each time it catches in my throat
You’re still here in me and I can’t set you free
So I hold on to what I wanted most
Maybe someday we’ll be friends forevermore
Wish I could open up that door.”

“Now here it comes the hardest part of all
Unchain my heart that’s holding on
How do I start to live my life alone
Guess I’m just learning, learning the art of letting go.”

Lipay gyud ko.

Maski na wala ko trabaho gahapon wala gyud ko mahimutang. Sige lang ko ug tan-aw sa akong cellphone ug naa ba siya message para naku. Naunsa na kaha siya nga wala na mangyud nagparamdam naku? Mikaon ko,mihigda..wala man makatulog milakaw arun nga makapaload sa cellphone arun mo text na gyud ko niya. Wala pa ko kagawas sa gate mi ring ang akong phone. Daku kaaayu nakong kalipay nga mitawag na gyud siya. Akong nahibaluan nga ang iyaha diay laptop nahagbung unya wala na migana. Bantug ra kay pila na gyud ka adlaw wala mag online.Wala na ko balita naunsa na siya.Misultu siya nga napaayu na niya ang pc pero ang problema kay naputlan diay ug linya sa internet ang iyang giabangan.Gisungog gyud mi duha sa panahon pero nia lang gihapon ko naghuwat niya. Akong gi ampo nga maayu lang siya ug panlawas kay tua baya siya sa layu.

This question pops in my head as I wait for him.What makes him so special that I wait for him patiently?I never waited this long in my life. A good friend of mine always tell me that I am an impatient kind of person. I admit that.I know, I am.Tic tac tic tac ……..I can still hear the ticking of the clock even if there isn’t clock near me.Where is he?Why he isn’t here?What’s wrong?He didn’t even reply to my messages.I know somethings wrong between us these days.I can feel it. I can sense it.Oh God! I don’t know what to do.Is he worth the wait?Or is it my fault why I am waiting for someone whom I know he wouldn’t come?I know I am just talking to myself now.Somehow this could help me ease the feeling I kept inside.

It’s the last day of the month.I’m sitting here waiting for him to come online.I know it is crazy waiting for someone whom I never meet in person. You can call me crazy but it is okay for me.I know he is still asleep for Philippine time is 4 hours faster than his time.And he works night shift too.He decided to move to another apartment for good reasons.

We’ve been friends for two months now. We shared many things from silly jokes to serious staffs. I was really fascinated with his attitude.Tender,loving,sweet,matured way of thinking, real man, possessive(this is a plus because I love the way he acts as if he owns me).♥

I hope he can come and have his vacation soon.I’d really love to finally see him in person. I like him :p



Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.  ~Albert Einstein

The cold breeze of Mr. wind woke me up today.It is raining and I need to go to work.I realized it is Sunday.What about my Sunday obligation to Him? I know I must go and worship Him.

I noticed something is missing.Not that I missed some things , but I missed him♥. I miss his international call just to say Hi! and his Hellos! We had a sort of misunderstanding yesterday. Well, who’s to blame?Is it me?I don’t think so. I sent him message but he didn’t reply.Maybe he needs some time to think about it. (He’s accusing that I changed a lot.) I am not aware of what he is telling.

He came online at around 10:50am.As usual he sent me some kisses (icons) which he normally do whenever he goes online. So sad that I was really busy and just replied smile icon. After an 8- hour class, finally I would be able to call him at 12:00 noon.

The conversation was just normal until I came to ask him what was wrong with him the other day.He told me his reasons and after I figure it out that I can’t blame him too. He was just jealous (I think so):p

Anyway, I think I am in love with him.@-@


Forget this day.

February 26,2010, at exactly 5:30 pm, I went back home hurriedly and went to the nearest money transfer shop to send money to my boyfriend’s sister(now my  ex-boyfriend). She said she was really in need of money and asked to borrow some from me.With due respect as my bf’s sister, I agreed for she promised to pay on the 28th for it was her payday. But that was a year ago for today is February 26,2011.And until now she didn’t pay the amount she owe me.

Are there really people who takes advantage?I tried to ask for the payment through Facebook message but after a week of waiting it turned out that she already deleted me from her list of friends and blocked me.

Is it my fault to trust her?I believe of karma so good luck on it Miss! I really believe that the best way for  a person to remember you is to let him borrow your money.@_@

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