Meeting him for the second time for almost a decade seems to be exciting and full of thrill. I met him when I was an active PYM member in my youthful days.He introduced himself to me while I was so scared knowing I am on my elementary grade. At that time,I had no feelings towards him because he is not the type of guy that I would like to be with.

My impression while chatting to him online is that he’s so funny,friendly,humble and caring person.After I had met him I had the chance to know what he really is.Indeed my first impression to him was right.He is friendly and caring. But most of all, he is so sweet to me.I never really knew someone who would say those sweet words even when he is with his family.Someone who would wipe your sweat in front of many people.It was a little awkward but I like it! LOL

To make things simple and straight to the point.We are now lovers.

We celebrated our first monthsary last May 26th and I hope things will work out in our way.