This picture was taken at Portofino beach resort Lapu-lapu, Cebu City.

At your first glimpse you can see that I am really enjoying that moment.Yes,it’s true but behind those smile I am just hiding the pain that I went through.

I didn’t eat weeks before that.Breaking up to someone makes you restless:you can’t eat nor sleep.Yes,I was badly hurt and I couldn’t afford just to look at myself in the mirror.

I was over it.It was 8 months ago.

But recently, I experienced another situation.It  was last night.

Wild awake at 3am without eating .But only thinking of someone.Someone whom she knew for quite some time and actually she actually loved (though she didn’t meet him yet).

I realized love could make you crazy.Too much love will kill you as the song says.I just slept for an hour last night. Lying in bed with tears as my pillow.

Can’t afford to hurt again.

I had so much of it.