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26th Day of April


Meeting him for the second time for almost a decade seems to be exciting and full of thrill. I met him when I was an active PYM member in my youthful days.He introduced himself to me while I was so scared knowing I am on my elementary grade. At that time,I had no feelings towards him because he is not the type of guy that I would like to be with.

My impression while chatting to him online is that he’s so funny,friendly,humble and caring person.After I had met him I had the chance to know what he really is.Indeed my first impression to him was right.He is friendly and caring. But most of all, he is so sweet to me.I never really knew someone who would say those sweet words even when he is with his family.Someone who would wipe your sweat in front of many people.It was a little awkward but I like it! LOL

To make things simple and straight to the point.We are now lovers.

We celebrated our first monthsary last May 26th and I hope things will work out in our way.



My flight was already booked,I already have NBI clearance,passport size photographs,and resigned from my job.All I am waiting for are the documents for my visa  from my employer. Why oh why.I have waited for more than a week.I need it badly.

HELP!I’m worried now.

GIZ Certificate

I miss this page so much.This is my hide out whenever I feel depressed. I don’t feel it right now even though I’ve got so many problems at home financially speaking.
I and Jeson are counting months now.December is coming and the two of us are really excited to see each other.We are always planning on how the “two of us” will spend his 45-day vacation.
I’m happy being in love with him:)♥


A scenario from a place in Dubai.I just don’t know the name as I haven’t been there.Actually I just grab this picture not to mention his name.:) You might wonder why I added this to one of my entry of my journey when in fact I haven’t been there.This ain’t about my travel. But as far as this place is concerned, there’s just a person whom I dearly admire who happens to be there.

My life this year 2011 wouldn’t be colorful without him coming in my life.Our friendship just started on the internet.I never imagined in my entire life that I would meet someone whom I will love via internet chatting. This doesn’t mean that I am a pessimist.I was afraid of falling in love again.Afraid to fall and that someone would hurt me once more.

As days go by,I have come to realized that I need be free. Free to feel being in love and free to be loved by someone. I pondered that whatever happened in my past things should be left as footprints. Like the birds in the sky.I want to spread my wings and get ready for love.

I hope that whatever may happen.The two of us (you know who you are) can overcome all the trials ahead. I decided to walk with you forever.It may not be now but I will very soon.♥










Kaon gyud..

This picture was taken at Portofino beach resort Lapu-lapu, Cebu City.

At your first glimpse you can see that I am really enjoying that moment.Yes,it’s true but behind those smile I am just hiding the pain that I went through.

I didn’t eat weeks before that.Breaking up to someone makes you restless:you can’t eat nor sleep.Yes,I was badly hurt and I couldn’t afford just to look at myself in the mirror.

I was over it.It was 8 months ago.

But recently, I experienced another situation.It  was last night.

Wild awake at 3am without eating .But only thinking of someone.Someone whom she knew for quite some time and actually she actually loved (though she didn’t meet him yet).

I realized love could make you crazy.Too much love will kill you as the song says.I just slept for an hour last night. Lying in bed with tears as my pillow.

Can’t afford to hurt again.

I had so much of it.